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Businesses provide anything consumers want or need, including basic necessities such as food and housing, luxuries such as whirlpool baths and wide-screen televisions, and even personal services such as caring for children and finding companionship.

There are many types of businesses in a free-market economy. The three most common are manufacturing firms, merchandisers, and service enterprises.

Manufacturing firms produce a wide range of products. Large manufacturers include producers of airplanes, cars, computers, and furniture. Many manufacturing firms construct only parts rather than complete, finished products.

Merchandisers are businesses that help move goods through a channel of distribution—that is, the route goods take in reaching the consumer. Merchandisers may be involved in wholesaling or retailing, or sometimes both.

Service enterprises include many kinds of businesses. Examples include dry cleaners, shoe repair stores, barbershops, restaurants, ski resorts, hospitals, and hotels. - the diversified business directory provides users with helpful business links to business directories, franchise opportunities, home business, industrial business, business services, women's business, real estate, property listings, property management, apartment rentals, luxury home, online shopping, small appliances, office products, automotive, telecommunications, business organizations, escort service, video production, special education, homework help and much more.

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