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Finding the best car insurance

Finding the best car insurance today seems to be more complicated than ever before.

Even with the ever increasing number of comparison web sites competing to make our lives easier by all claiming to be the most comprehensive, comparing 98 per cent of the UK’s motor insurance companies, there seems to be a mixed message sent out to customers.

On one hand you have the cheapest car insurance customers who are only really interested in price.

On the other there are the ‘what about the policy features’ customers who ponder over having a courtesy car included in their policy or personal accident cover.

I’ve just completed a quick search on one comparison web site which claims to compare car insurance policies on the features available as well as the price. The top 10 insurance companies quoted in my search all provide 3 out of a possible 5 of the additional features anyway! I’d actually get a courtesy car, windscreen cover and personal accident cover as standard with these insurance companies so why do some comparison web sites go on and on about comparing insurance by features as well as price!?

I just hope that people using these web sites can actually find a better car insurance deal to suit their needs. Personally, as I said previously on the financial blog, all I’m interested in is price. I want to get the cheapest car insurance policy possible; I’m not interested in policy featuresJust do yourself a favour and make sure you check out a few comparison web sites when you’re searching for car insurance. If you get quotes from 3 or 4 of the main comparison web sites then you can be sure you’ve searched pretty much the entire UK car insurance market and you’ll have looked at the insurance policy features and the price.

Price wins every time for me!

Simon Duffy writes for the Financial Blog a UK Finance Blog talking about all aspects of personal finance including loans blogs, credit cards blogs, tenant loans, credit cards blogs, mortgages blogs, insurance blogs and more.

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