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Air Force Wives
A site dedicated to the ones oft' left behind - An Air Force Wife.
Army Wives
A site dedicated to the ones oft' left behind - A Soldiers' Wife.
Association of freelance translators specialised in translation services. We translate documents and websites in the following languages: English, French, Dutch (Flemish), Spanish and German.
CANPLY - Canadian Plywood Association
Represents manufacturers of plywood, veneer and veneer composite products in Canada. Product/Code/Standard info, downloadable literature, free technical enquiries, and member mill contact info.
Coast Guard Wives
A site dedicated to the ones oft' left behind - A Sailors' Wife.
The Colorado Music Industry's Networking, Education and Support Resource.
Corporate change from Brefi Group
Brefi Group is an NLP change management organisation providing an integrated package of strategy consultancy, facilitation, executive coaching and training designed to improve corporate performance.
Marine Corps Wives
A site dedicated to "The Few, The Proud (and the most important part of the Marine Corps) A Marine's Wife".
Military Husbands
The New Breed left behind and Overlooked.
Military Wives
Often Left Behind but never forgotten.
Mystic Net
Site including information on a variety of metaphysical topics, from astral projection to spiritual science.
National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve Act and the Internal Revenue Code.
Navy Wives
This page is dedicated to Navy Wives everywhere. Who, like the Sailors they married, proudly serve their country. Although oft' left behind they are NEVER forgotten.
No Debt .org
Debt Cconsolidation Services Lower your credit cards bills up to 40%, get out of debt now, we can help you.
Nordic Air Group
Nordic Air Group consists of currently 56 VAดs, in-house and franchising such. Nordic Air is the oldest VA in Scandinavia, found in 1997. The routes cover the world, and we have over 300 pilots.
Teen Chat - place for teens
teen chat internet website - resources include teens chat rooms, free webcam chat, online fun and games, all designed for teenagers.
The Lambda Sigma Omega Homepage
is Florida Metropolitan University at Fort Lauderdale’s local chapter of Lambda Alpha Epsilon, The American Criminal Justice Association, and is a Criminal Justice fraternity.
The Sidereus Foundation
Energy Therapy, MET, Project Sanctuary, Animal Healing articles, manuals and courses.
Trallwm Farm Animal Sanctuary
Animal Rescue that takes in livestock as well as Horses.We rely on donations for feed and day to day care. Please consider Sponsoring or donating.
United Jewish Community VA Peninsula, Inc
offers a wide variety of services for all ages in the Hampton Roads Area.

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