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Earthworks Link Partner
Jobs in oil, mining, geoscience, environmental, GIS and related subjects.
Amazon Forest Poetry
Poetry by Marcia Theophilo on Amazon forest its river, people, animals, trees and myths. With essays about hers work, biography and bibliography.In English, Portuguese and Italian.
Aquatic Environmental Services
Offers a full line of lake and wildlife services and products.
CAT Alliance Ltd
CAT Alliance Ltd is among Europe's largest providers of environmental advice on cross-border transactions of properties and assets drawing upon its local teams of experts in more than 50 countries world wide.
DNA Paternity Testing
The HomeDNA™ home paternity testing system is a premium 16-marker DNA test - the most powerful in the industry.
Graceful Catshark's Shark Cove
A family friendly site dedicated to one of the most beautiful & misunderstood of predators...the Shark. Emphasis on eduction and conservation.
Green Office Recycling
you can earn cold hard cash or donate used cell phones or empty printer cartridges personally or for your school, club, charity or company! Best of all, it's Free!
Koenders Windmill Aerators 4 Pond Aeration
The utilization of Windmills to aerate ponds,dugouts,ect.,helps enhance the water quality by pumping air down into the bottom of the pond.
Tiger Touch
Dedicated to the search for alternatives in the struggle for species preservation.
Zerofootprint provides information, products, and services for the global network of consumers and businesses who wish to reduce their environmental impact.